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2007-2008年日产350Z的OEM款式碳纤维发动机盖 (also fits 2002-2006 models)

2007-2008年日产350Z的OEM款式碳纤维发动机盖 (also fits 2002-2006 models)


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2007-2008年日产350Z的TS款式碳纤维发动机盖 (also fits 2002-2006 models)

2007-2008年日产350Z的OEM款式碳纤维发动机盖 (also fits 2002-2006 models)

Quick Overview

Seibon Carbon components are carefully hand-crafted using only the finest materials. Our production team offers superior craftsmanship with over 15 years of experience working with carbon fiber.

Every component is constructed with a consistent weave pattern. Our production processes allow exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength. For a stunning finish, our products are coated with a glossy clear coat that does not chip or flake. We meticulously inspect all of our components and stand firmly behind our products so that you can enjoy peace of mind with every genuine Seibon Carbon product.

Creating performance-oriented products that help shed unnecessary weight without sacrificing style is our specialty. Race after race, Seibon products have proven to be as strong as the driver's ambition to win, thus making Seibon Carbon the preferred brand among professional drivers.

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Additional Information

产品号 HD0708NS350-OE
年份 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002
制造商 NISSAN日产
车款 350Z
车型 双门敞篷跑车, 三门掀背车
车架型号 Z33
碳纤类型 碳纤维 (高光亮面)
产品款式 OEM
产品分类 发动机盖
其它 Hood pins required.